Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions

No organization can grow faster than its ability to recruit & retain enough of the right people. Our recruitment outsourcing solutions give business leaders an unfair competitive advantage.

BR1 À la carte Recruiting is an on-demand solution. Unlike many of our competitors who charge 20-30% of your hire’s first year compensation, our flat-fee pricing is a fraction of the cost; and includes a 90-day single replacement guarantee.

BR1 Total Talent Acquisition is a RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solution for business leaders to entirely or partially outsource their talent acquisition function. As an extension of your business, we not only handle unlimited recruiting, we also work to keep the pipeline active for future needs. The BR1 Total Talent Acquisition solution is completely custom and as unique as the businesses we help.  

Whether you want to attract the best talent or the right clients, we can help with a custom marketing solution. We can help!

Consulting options as unique and specific as your business. Whether you want to grow your business, reduce costs, improve efficiency, or initiate major change. Our consulting and business solutions provide leaders with expertise, experience, and an outside perspective. We can help!