Recruiting Roadmap


Recruiting roadmap

Our recruiting process follows this simple roadmap, which can be easily adjusted to align with the client's specific needs and preferences. We are an extension of your business...your recruiting department! 

  • Kickoff

    The recruiting kickoff call gives us a chance to learn about your company, culture, and gain an understanding of what your ideal candidate looks like.

  • Search

    We will target active and passive candidates, review applications, and conduct initial interviews. We will pass along only those candidates we determine match the search criteria.

  • First Client Interview

    We will coordinate scheduling and provide support for the first interview with client and candidate, typically a phone or video interview. 

  • In-Person Interview

    We will coordinate scheduling in-person interview with client and candidate.

  • Consideration

    We provide support to help you make an informed decision. In addition to checking references, and coordinating follow-up interviews and discussions, we also offer optional services to help you know who you're hiring.

  • Hiring

    We provide support for presenting an offer and negotiation. We can also assist with client-specific onboarding necessities. There is a 90-day single-replacement guarantee on all hires.