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An organization is only the sum of its people. Fortunately for us, and our clients, we’re blessed with a diverse team of passionate, dedicated, and incredibly talented individuals – who are fun to work with and easy to do business with. 

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values below weren’t written as marketing jargon, but instead to clarify our direction and guide our decision making. You have my personal commitment and should expect nothing less; regardless if you’re doing business with us as a client, vendor, job seeker, or team member.

Business Resources One, or BR1 as our friends call us, was created as the name suggests to be a resource to business leaders. More specifically, to give business leaders an unfair competitive advantage. After 25+ years of building businesses and teams, I believe there is no greater determination of an organization’s success than being able to recruit and retain enough of the right people.

On behalf of the BR1 Team, I look forward to and welcome the opportunity to work together.

Mike Voories – President & CEO

Mike Voories

President & CEO


Provide solutions that give business leaders an unfair competitive advantage.


Profitably delivering valuable solutions to our clients, enriching the lives our team, and contributing to the success of our communities.

Core Values



Win-Win (1+1=3)


Easy to do Business With


Always Improving

Continuous Improvement

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Matt Gerich

Matt Gerich

Vice President of Training and Coaching Service

Matt is an expert trainer and coach with over 40 years of experience.  His specialties include the Green Industry, the Snow and Ice Management Industry, OSHA safety training, and all levels of business coaching. Matt trains entry level employees to C suite executives. He has credentials from SIMA (CSP, ASM, & Liquid Applications certification), NALP as a LIC, their highest level of certification. He is also OSHA 30 certified in General Industry as well as Red Cross certified for first-aid, AED, and CPR.

Matt speaks and writes for national organizations on a regular basis. He has an extensive knowledge of business building and how to teach on details and Best Practices.

Matt enjoys fine wine and food and spends his free time with his wife, Harley, his dog, as well as his children and grandchildren!

Melina Mabin

Melina Mabin

Executive Assistant

Melina is relied upon to handle complex duties and sensitive information, and often communicates or acts on the President & COO’s behalf. Having held management positions in finance and business fields, Melina is able to tailor her skills to carry on a large variety of duties for the BR1 Team.

Melina is a resident of Bloomfield Hills, MI and enjoys playing racquetball and tennis, watching football, and attending fitness classes in her spare time.

NaTasha Lo

Na’Tasha Lo

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Na’Tasha Lo is an experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist driven by helping people advance their careers. She takes pride in providing the best client and candidate experience through her ability to match the right candidate to the right role and providing a high level of communication.

In addition to her job functions, Na’Tasha has been recognized by her peers for her extraordinary commitment to closing requisitions quickly and bringing in new candidate opportunities through referrals.

In her free time Na’Tasha likes to travel, spend time with friends and family attending sporting events, concerts, and trying new restaurants throughout Michigan.

Heather Woodruff

Heather Woodruff

Vice President of Training and Coaching Service

As Vice President, Heather leads BR1’s talent acquisition team and oversees the overall operations of the full cycle recruitment and candidate experience as well as training and development for all team members.  With more than 10 years of experience in the recruiting industry, Heather’s leadership style delivers metric driven strategies and measurables to optimize results for BR1.

Heather enjoys reading, her dog, spending time in the outdoors with her husband through activities and travel, and dancing!

Jillian Pizzimenti

Business Development Professional

Jillian has over 20 years of experience in customer facing relationship roles. She is someone who takes pride in providing the best service, for the different needs of all clients. Jillian has a passion for building relationships and providing solutions. She also has a keen eye for detail, with a degree in Media and Communication Art and Design.

Outside of the office, you will most likely find Jillian on an adventure with her German Shepard Hazel, ultramarathon racing, playing sports, cooking or baking.

Savannah Allen

Savannah Allen

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Savannah is an experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist driven by helping people find rewarding careers. She takes pride in providing the best candidate experience possible. Savannah is dedicated to increasing diversity and quality in developed candidate pipelines and implementation of advanced technology to improve processes. 

In addition to her primary job functions, Savannah has been recognized by her team for her commitment to improving system workflows, team efficiency and morale.

Emily Sienkiewicz

Emily Sienkiewicz

Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist

Emily Sienkiewicz is an experienced Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist that does full cycle recruitment for clients in a broad range of roles from entry level to C-suite employees. She spends much of her day establishing strong relationships internally and externally, building trust, collaboration, and insight to her team. Emily takes pride in providing her clients and candidates with a long-term career solution to their employment needs. Knowing her efforts impact people’s career decisions keeps her going every day.

When she’s not in the office Emily likes to explore the outdoors with her four-legged companions, learn a new board game, or start a crochet project!

Benjamin Sible

Director of Business Development

Ben has over 15 years of experience in corporate sales and leadership. He is someone who attributes his success to always finding ways to strategically solve for the needs of his clients and keeping his team happy. As a Michigan State University Alumni, his education in Business Strategy helps our clients navigate the tough decisions of scaling a business. Outside of the office, you will likely find Ben on a golf course or relaxing by the pool with his dog, Cooper!